Friday, November 18, 2011

Chef Avram Answers Your Thanksgiving Queries on Koshereye's Kosher Turkey Talk!

We here at CKCA are big fans of our friends at, and now Chef Avram Wiseman, our very own dean of student affairs, is answering questions about that big kosher turkey that we all love.

Make sure to visit to get Chef Avram's roast turkey tips and tricks and don't forget to grab CKCA's awesome kosher T-day Recipes, which are linked for your convenience below:

Chef Avram's Roast Turkey
Cabbage and Apple Soup
Sweet Potato Gratin
Wheatberry Salad with Butternut Squash and Dried Cranberries
Thanksgiving Maple Pecan Pie
Leftover Turkey Gumbo!

Winter Professional Programs Begin January 2nd!

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts is once again proud to offer both full time and part time program in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts. Schedules for the programs beginning in the first week of January are below. For additional information and to download an application, please visit

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Program in Culinary Arts

Jan 2 - March 15, 2012
Monday - Thursday
9 am - 1 pm
NO CLASS Jan 23 – 26 (Yeshiva Week), March 7,8 (Purim)

Jan 8 - May 21, 2012
Sun, Mon
6:30 - 10:30 pm
NO CLASS April 8, 9 (Pesach)

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Program in Baking and Pastry Arts

Jan 2 - March 15, 2012
Monday - Thursday
2 pm - 6 pm
NO CLASS Jan 23 – 26 (Yeshiva Week), March 7, 8 (Purim)

Jan 4 - May 24, 2012
Wed, Thurs
6:30 - 10:30 pm
NO CLASS March 7, 8 (Purim), April 11, 12 (Pesach)

For more information, contact CKCA at 718-758-1339. You can also download an application at

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CKCA's Kosherfest Culinary Competition

The lightbulbs flashed as boneless duck breasts sizzled in the pan, while three kosher chef owners competed in Kosherfest's CKCA Culinary Competition, which was sponsored by Jack's Gourmet.

Craig Solomon of Ariel's of Englewood, Moshe Wendel of Pardes in Brooklyn, and Seth Warshaw of etc Steakhouse squared off in this secret ingredient challenge, with only forty-five minutes to stake their claim to the $1,000 cash prize.

The crowd squeezed into a room too small for 300 people, and craned their necks as they tried to get glimpses of the three chefs scurrying back and forth from their prep stations to their cooktops.

Moderated by CKCA Dean of Student Affairs Chef Avram Wiseman, the spectators were treated to a running commmentary of the ingredients being used and their uses. Chef Avram also reported on the cooking styles and tools being used as well as any particular techniques that were particularly interesting.

When time was called after forty-five minutes, three plates with a main course of duck breast were served to the three judges, who were CKCA Head Pastry Chef Instructor Philippe Kaemmerle, Jack's Gourmet's Jack Silberstein, and Kosher Scene blogger Chaim Szmidt.

As the judges tabulated the score, the audience held its collective breath. While all three chefs had very high scores and the numbers were very close, the winner was announced as Chef Seth Warshaw of Etc Steakhouse of Teaneck, New Jersey.

CKCA would like to thank Kosherfest and Jack's Gourmet for their help in making this event a reality. And once again, a hearty congratulations to our competitors, whose restaurants are all real winners: Chef Moshe Wendel of Pardes in Brooklyn, Chef Craig Solomon of Ariel's of Englewood, and of course to Chef Seth Warshaw, of Etc Steakhouse in Teaneck, NJ.

CKCA Kosherfest Wrap Up

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts (CKCA) once again attended the Kosherfest 2011 Trade Show last week, and returned to Coney Island Avenue with new information and renewed perspectives about the world of kosher food production. Our booth was very active, and we were happy to give away 500 of the hottest kitchen tool on the market, a "CKCA orange" bowl scraper. Our booth was so busy that we ran out of our giveaway in the middle of the second day!

Our students were once again admired and respected show visitors and looked every bit the next generation of kosher chefs when they checked it at our booth looking spiffy in their chef whites.

Dean of Student Affairs Chef Instructor Avram Wiseman and Head Pastry Chef Philippe Kaemmerle were here, there, and everywhere at the show, speaking to people at our booth, tasting new kosher creations, and moderating (Chef Avram) and judging (Chef Philippe) the Kosherfest/CKCA Culinary Competition that was sponsored by Jack's Gourmet.

Click here to read more about Kosherfest's first ever live culinary competition, which was organized by CKCA and attended by approximately 300 people, with standing room only.

Highlights of our visits to Kosherfest booths included the smash hit of Jack's Gourmet's new product win, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken sausage. (We're not just saying this because Jack is cool and sponsored our competition. The sausage really is fantastic.) We also loved the Tishbi line of jams made with Champagne preserves, especially the passionfruit flavor, which was also a winner in the Kosherfest new product competition. Other highlights of the show were seeing CKCA's many friends, alumni and colleagues in the kosher food world, including our kashruth instructor Rabbi Zushe Blech.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Congrats to Jack's Gourmet on winning Kosherfest's New Product Competition

Congrats to CKCA partner (and Kosherfest competition sponsor) Jack's Gourmet on winning the Kosherfest New Products competition for best new meat or poultry product. Jack's Gourmet won for its Jamaican style Jerk Chicken Sausage.

Here's a description of the new product:

Packing a very healthy dose of both flavor and heat, this Caribbean delight will have you banging on your steel pans before you finish your first bite! Grill this sausage alongside some fresh corn and wash it down with a beer; you will be booking your island getaway before you can say "ya mon!"

We encourage you to stop by the Jack's Gourmet booth at Kosherfest next week (November 8th and 9th), and taste the winning product for yourself!

And don't forget to come early to get a seat at CKCA's/Jack's Gourmet's Kosherfest Competition on Wednesday at 11am in Room C/D. Visit to register.