Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Benzion Futerfas Hangs Out His Culinary Shingle

Benzion Futerfas, a Crown Heights-based Fall '09 graduate of the CKCA Pro Program in Culinary Arts and a student of Chef David Ritter, has opened his own catering business, specializing in beautiful kosher platters for special occasions. "Creative Platters by Bentzi," delivers kosher platters for an array of events, such as bar or bat mitzvahs, brisim, sheva brachot, shalom zachors, lechaims, etc.

Creative Platters by Bentzi can be reached at 508-554-4569, or by email at bfuterfas@gmail.com. The business is located in Crown Heights, but delivery is possible (with enough notice) throughout the tri-state area.

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