Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bucharest's Bagel Frenzy! CKCA Teaches Romanian Entepreneurs the Art of Making New York Bagels!

A Fair Amount of "Chew"!

Imagine a food truck on the corner of one of the busiest street in Bucharest, Romania, selling New York Bagels.  Really?  Holy Bagels!  From the hills of the Transylvania to southern Romania's hub in Bucharest there was not a  bagel to be found and so our story begins....

A team of Romanian entrepreneurs looking to add bagels as a novelty menu item to round out their breakfast and lunch choices chose CKCA to teach everything bagels and bialys to boot.  Entrepreneurs, Alexandru Petrescu and Ioan Rusu intensely researched our country’s finest bagel bakeries and culinary schools and with CKCA as their training ground we are making bagel history in Romania.  It was especially exciting for CKCA to be a contributor to Romanian Culinary history with much of our Kosher community's roots stemming from Eastern Europe.  

Upon arrival to the United States, our Romanian friends visited and sampled bagels at many of New York's famous eateries and markets to determine the qualities they favored the most. They decided that a crust of medium thickness and good amount of “chew”, along with whole grain options would be most appealing for the launch of their signature bagels. 

Bialy Blast!
Lynn Kutner, our resident expert on all things bread, ran an intense session, tackling bagel and bialy making from start to finish. Sweating through  four hours of rolling, baking and tasting, Alexandru and Loan were thrilled with their new skills and left for home with a flavorful variety of samples to take home and the plan to launch Bucharest’s bagel frenzy.

We at CKCA wish Alexandru and Loan  the best of luck with their bagel adventure and we will surely keep you posted on their progress. 

Bagel Bootcamp at CKCA

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