Monday, November 25, 2013

CKCA's Six Amazing Thanksgivukkah Recipes

In this year's unusual holiday season, Chanukah and Thanksgiving will overlap!  This will be the first and last time we will see this since THANKSGIVUKKAH, as this holiday union has been dubbed will not occur again for at least another 77,798 years!  

Before you start your holiday cooking, check out this analysis by Jonathan Mizrachi, a PhD in Physics. Mizrachi writes that the Jewish / Lunar based calendar is "very slowly getting out of sync with the solar calendar, at a rate of four days per 1,000 years." 

These staggering numbers will get anyone hungry! To celebrate this unique day, CKCA has developed a collection of SIX THANKSGIVUKKAH RECIPES that meld both holidays' ingredients and flavors! 

APPLE-CRAN LATKES, created by our own CKCA instructor, Chef Avram Wiseman.

CRANBERRY BRAISED BRISKET will surely balance the colors of your roasted turkey and vegetable dishes while melting in your mouth for a your culinary "high".

These next TWO original RECIPES put a twist on the standard APPLESAUCE usually served with latkes.  We encourage you to make both and let your palette play with all of the flavorful combinations!  RHUBARB APPLESAUCE will appeal to your craving for sweet and tart flavors!
Another great way to "amp things up" is with our GINGER-SPICED APPLESAUCE!

Our last TWO RECIPES will help make your last day of CHANUKAH as exciting as the first! 
Lower your carbs and get the same LATKE "rush" with our BUTTERNUT SQUASH OVEN FRIED LATKES!  

Finally, our SWEET POTATO-LEEK LATKES will help you get your Vitamins A and C without skimping on the deliciousness!  We promise you will not be disappointed!

Which are your favorites? 
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From your friends at CKCA!

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