Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shlomo Schwartz, Your Own Soulful Personal Chef

Shlomo Schwartz is the kind of cook whose journey and experiences as a person influence each and every dish he creates as a chef. “Your Soul Kitchen” the name of the personal chef service that he started after graduating from our Career Training Program in Culinary Arts captures the intimate approach that Shlomo takes to the business of personal cheffing. CKCA has been inspired by Shlomo’s so much so that we have invited him to join our team! He has been working for CKCA as a kitchen manager and as an instructor for our popular Date Night Couples Competition Class since last summer. Starting in the spring, he will also be teaching classes on Contemporary Israeli Cuisine.

A native of Be’er Sheva Israel, Shlomo was raised in a home where the whole family cooked together. The kitchen was his comfort zone and by his teen years he was already cooking and baking for large family gatherings. For the year after serving in the Israeli army, Shlomo volunteered in the Jewish Community of Stockholm, Sweden and found himself back in the kitchen hosting Shabbat meals
for locals and tourists. He has continued to host and cook large meals for Shabbat guests and friends, first on his journey back to Israel and now in New York City.

Sabich Tartin- Iraqi- Jewish- Israeli Sandwich with Fried Eggplant, 
Eggs, Green Tahini, &  Parsley over Malawach.
After living and working here in NYC for a while and enjoying cooking solely as a hobby, Shlomo decided it was time to dedicate himself fully to his craft. He enrolled in our part-time evening program in the fall of 2011, pushing his passion for cooking up to the front burner. The part time, evening hours allowed him to pursue his education while continuing to work and support himself. This made the transition practical and his dream a reality.

Upon graduating, Shlomo was accepted for a prestigious externship at The Prime Grill, New York’s renowned kosher steakhouse. Working alongside its executive chef, Shlomo learned everything from basic kitchen prep work to the detail and creativity involved with plating dishes in an upscale restaurant. Recognizing his dedication, ambition and skill, Prime Grill entrusted Shlomo to test the recipes that were included in their best selling cookbook, “The Prime Grill CookBook: Redefining the Kosher Experience”. Shlomo is ecstatic to have had such a unique opportunity and acknowledges the importance it played in his professional development. He is especially proud to have been included in the cookbook’s acknowledgements.  

Shlomo has gone on to work in a number of settings within the food business, each experience adding to his culinary repertoire in a unique way. These days, Shlomo has his hands full serving the many diverse clients he has taken on through his personal chef business. Personal cheffing is the ideal setting for Shlomo. He strives to understand each of his clients' needs, to know who they are, what their food experiences have been and then to create a personalized experience through which he shares the passion and joy he himself has for cooking. As Shlomo says “If you can touch people with food, why not bring them that joy?”
Strawberry Blossom Tart - Almond Crust, Roes Water Pastry Cream, 
Fresh Strawberries 
Shlomo is a budding Chef with insight well beyond his years. CKCA is proud of his accomplishments and thrilled to have him as part of our team!

Favorite American cooking show: Chopped,  “Its about a chef creating, not about their failures”
More on cooking shows: Enjoys Israeli Master Chef since it is about family, tradition and heritage and truly about the people.
Favorite food to cook with: Techina (Tehini), with his next challenge to create a drink using Techina as an ingredient!
Hardest food to work with: Fish - ”it needs ongoing attention, is delicate and every moment until it is eaten is critical.”
Shomo's clients’ favorite dishes: Cherry Tomato Confite, his secret - transforming tomatoes by roasting them, and Green Techina, adding spices and herbs--giving Techina new life.
Favorite spice: Zaatar, a Mediterranean spice blend.
Most useful tool in his kitchen: His hands first, then, the almighty food processor since one can do almost anything with it and get different results...vinaigrette, chopped herbs and even flaky dough.
Shlomo’s advice for new CKCA grads:  
- It is a journey and a skill-set to keep developing, so be patient.
- Stay in touch with the school and instructors, they will continue to support you.
- Be yourself, be truthful to yourself and you’ll find your place in the culinary world.

Our next part-time Culinary Program will start on March 2, 2014. Get information here!


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