Thursday, January 8, 2015

CKCA Launches New Cooking Intensive Course

CKCA is proud to announce the second season of our popular Cooking Intensive Course. Based on our Professional Training Program in Culinary Arts (and taught by the same chefs), this 16 session course teaches fundamental cooking skills and chef techniques that can be easily applied at home. We offer convenient part time evening hours at a competitive price for the busy professional who wants to wow in the kitchen, but not quit his or her day job.

What will you learn in our Cooking Intensive Course?  

Our professionally trained chefs teach a variety of cooking topics that cover kitchen basics and more sophisticated culinary applications.

What's included in the course...

A Repertoire of Recipes. Plating & Presenting With a Chef's Eye. Best Cooking Practices for Various Cuts of Meat. How to Purchase, Filet and Cook Fish. Use of an Array of Kitchen Tools. Preparing Poultry to Perfection. Recipes for Rich Flavorful Sauces. Herb & Spice Applications. Professional Knife Skills. Mastering Egg Cookery.

What former students have said about our Cooking Intensive Course.

"I came away with many new recipes, a confidence in my ability to prepare different types of food efficiently and attractively, and a group of new friends with whom I have kept in touch."

- R.G. Summer 2014, Culinary Intensive

"The skills and information I learned from the class gave me more confidence in the kitchen and expanded my recipe collection!"
- E.G. Summer 2014, Culinary Intensive

"The teaching kitchen at the intensive was a happy place. We learned new techniques in food preparation and combining traditional and new ingredients." 

- A.L. Summer 2014, Culinary Intensive

How to register...

If you are interested in learning new skills, recipes, and menu planning ideas then you cannot miss this course! Previous sessions have sold out quickly so register today!

The schedule is as follows: 

February 2nd – March 25th Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm-10:00pm 

* No class on Wednesday, March 4th. Make up class will be on Tuesday, March 3rd. 

Register Now!

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