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Spotlight on Naomi Nachman, Personal Chef and Radio Show Host!

Photo Credit: Melinda Strauss

You’ll have to pick up your pace to catch up with Naomi Nachman. This Aussie Gourmet is a woman of many culinary talents and is always on the go. We took the opportunity to reverse her role as host of Table for Two and put her in the interviewee hot seat.

Number of years working in the (kosher) food business:

Best way to describe how you developed your culinary skills and how that got you where you are today.
I don’t have any formal culinary training and started in the industry by cooking for friends and family. I took many cooking classes, read a whole lot and believe it or not learned quite a bit from the Food Network. My job as host of Table for Two at the Nachum Segal Network was natural for me. I’ve always been comfortable with public speaking and giving cooking classes – I’m a good talker!

What was your first job in the food business?    
I gave a cooking class on how to make Sushi at the Educational Alliance.
My 2nd job was getting hired to cook for a family 3 nights a week and I did that for 5 years.

In one sentence, describe what you do in your current position...
I wear many chef hats. I'm a personal chef, caterer, food writer, blogger, radio show host, cooking instructor and then of course I'm a mother, wife and true foodie.

Describe the greatest accomplishment of your career so far?
Being asked by Nachum Segal to host a radio show and being asked by RAM Caterers to run their culinary program this Pesach.

What do you find most rewarding about the work you do?
Sharing my love of food with others.

What do you find the most challenging?
Paperwork and billing. I really prefer to be creative – and, I hate washing dishes.

What is the most important lesson you have ever learned on the job?
Being appreciative of your help since they help make you who you are. Treat them well.

What are you passions outside of cooking/baking?
Hanging out with my family. I’m very into family time.

What do you want to be known for in the culinary world?
Healthy, fresh, delicious food and being the first host of a radio show about kosher food.

Describe the best meal you ever had…
I’ve had some good ones – especially lately. I had a fantastic meal with friends at Pardes. I’m also still dreaming about the beef tartar at ChagallBistro and at The Loft Steakhouse. I enjoy anything that has duck in it.

What advice do you have for the students in our professional culinary and pastry programs?
Experiment a lot and wear super comfortable shoes. Really be prepared to work hard and give it your all. Know that you are your own brand and it has to shine through to your customers. If you share your passion things will happen.

Tell us more about the culinary program you’re running in Florida this Passover.
I’ll be teaching 2 cooking classes a day and I’m creating my own Passover cook-booklet for the participants. And of course...I can’t wait to schmooze with people.

How does the food experience differ in the USA from Australia?
There is hardly any kosher food there! But kosher pop ups and fabulous restaurants are starting to surface in Sydney.

What’s your goal for your radio show?
I love planning out each show and I get more knowledgeable from all of the people I interview. Being part of the Nachum Segal Network  is amazing.

Do you feel like a celebrity?
A little bit. People stop me in different places...sometimes they even ask for a photo! They recognize my voice!

Describe the biggest mistake you have ever made on the job.
I was cooking for a school, all the grades helped for the shabbaton. I stepped away from the brownies for a second and every single brownie burned to a crisp so we had to order from a bakery.

The Best Product to Ever Go Kosher: Oreos. 
Favorite Food to Eat: Meat – any kind, I’m a total carnivore. 
Favorite Food to Cook: I love making appetizers of any kind.
Favorite Cookbook: I love Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi.
Favorite Cooking Show / Celeb Chef: Guy Fieri, because of his passion.
Favorite Kitchen Tool: Parchment paper, it's my best friend in the kitchen.

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