Sunday, November 22, 2009

CKCA Student Chefs to Volunteer at Masbia Community Kitchen

A kosher soup kitchen in the Midwood/Flatbush section of Brooklyn, operated by Masbia (, will be opening on Tuesday, November 24th with inaugural meals donated by the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts (CKCA).

A number of culinary students spanning all three current professional courses at CKCA ( will be donating their time following their classes in the soup kitchen, which lies directly across from the school, on Coney Island Avenue between Avenues J and K. The soup kitchen, to be known as Masbia Community Kitchen, is located at the former Rimonim Restaurant.

For the opening day, all the food, as well as menu development expertise, kitchen management and other organizational details are being donated to the community kitchen by CKCA.

At 4pm, when the community kitchen officially opens, CKCA students will begin serving meals they will have prepared at Masbia. Planned menu items include chicken, several nourishing hot side dishes, and dessert.

After Tuesday’s opening day, the soup kitchen will be open to the public on Sunday through Thursday, from 4pm until 9pm. The address is 1372 Coney Island Avenue.

Visitors, prospective students and potential volunteers are also welcome at CKCA, which is located at 1407 Coney Island Avenue. The next semester of professional training programs begins January 4th. For more information, please visit

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